SEO - How to Attract Visitors to Your Website and Generate Leads

Today it’s pretty easy to set up a cookie-cutter website. It’s been estimated that 571 new websites go active every minute of every day. Probably a large number of those new websites are cookie-cutter websites of one type or another. It’s impossible to know for sure, but it’s very likely that many of those websites will never attract very much traffic. They may have been created to display family pictures or for the use of a small group and don’t want or need a lot of traffic.

Cookie-Cutter Web Design Doesn’t Work for Commercial Websites

Commercial websites have little in common with personal websites. The typical small business website needs to attract leads or customers for a brick and mortar business. In denver internet marketing it’s a numbers game just as it is with telemarketing or newspaper ads. In order to generate “x” leads, “y” people have to visit the website.

Generating leads with a commercial website is a linked 2-step process.

Interested traffic is attracted to the website - Denver CO SEO Experts accomplish this with local SEO (search engine optimization)
The website design, content, layout and other features are optimized to encourage conversions, whether that’s a sale, lead, newsletter signup or another action

A cookie-cutter website is not designed to meet the needs of your unique business. The website has not been effectively optimized for traffic and conversions and consequently does not come close to meeting the goals established for the website.

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The SEO Basics or How to Get People to Visit Your Website

There are many search engines, but Google is the big dog, used for about 80% of internet searches. When someone enters a search term, Google generates the list of website links and descriptive information based upon a proprietary algorithm. Each website is regularly crawled and indexed by the search engine and ranked based upon approximately 200 different factors.

After you type in a search time, you may notice paid ads at the very top of the search engine results page. Below the ads are the free or organic listings. Most organic traffic goes to one of the top three links. If your business doesn’t get ranked by the search engine as supplying one of the very best answers to the question posed by the searcher, it will get very little traffic. No traffic = no leads.

Some of the ways a Denver SEO Expert uses SEO techniques to generate traffic and leads include:

Optimizing content for thoroughly researched keywords
Generating backlinks and citations to increase the trust and authority of the website
Ensuring that the site architecture makes the site easy to index, mobile friendly, fast and secure
Using appropriate social media platforms effectively

Every industry is different. Targeted Laser SEO is laser-focused upon marketing websites for medical spas, tattoo removal, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and lasik. This what is search engine optimization are search marketing pros and combat veterans who know how to start growing your business today.

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